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How to choose the best ingredients for your recipes

You invited your new girlfriend for the first time to your place for a nice, romantic dinner and now you have to make something nice for it. Cooking is not a problem to you, but you still remember that last incident when one bad tomato ruin the entire dish and you do not want that [...]

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Most famous chefs in the world

There are three kinds of people when it comes to cooking. The first one should stay clear of kitchen and leave it to others, because every time they get in and try to make something, they make a disaster. Some people are much better at eating food than making [...] Continue Reading…

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Cooking 101 for the real newbies

So, you have a girlfriend, and now want to impress her with something really delicious. Unfortunately, your cooking skills are limited to making sandwiches, and ordering food. You probably eat a lot pre-made food you buy in the supermarket and only re-heat it in the microwave. Here are some [...] Continue Reading…

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